USB Charging Cable/ 数据线



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USB Charging Cable/ 数据线介绍


采用全新的电子礼品理念,此款USB数据线搭配了两颗不锈钢制串珠,一颗时尚玫瑰花型,另一颗是刻有施华洛世奇天鹅标志的简洁光面串珠并串在黑色PU皮包裹的电源线之间。 这一新颖的装饰元素,为USB数据线的日常使用中增添美好的触动。主电缆配有一个Lightning插口,一个USB Micro-B 插口,以及一个延伸的USB Type C插口,提高使用效率,满足各种使用需求。另一端的连接器上印有施华洛世奇天鹅标志,代表着优质的品牌保证。


Color: black/crystal

Material: stainless steel /pu/power cord

Size: 40 cm / 15 3/4 in

Article no.: 5434787-1  


A brand new electronics gift idea, the USB Cable features two stainless steel beads, a rose charm and a sleek charm with the Swarovski Logo threaded onto its black PU leather-wrapped power cord. It’s a novel decorative element on a functional everyday device that brings a welcome touch of sparkle to daily life. A useful inclusion with the main cable is a Lightning plug, along with a reversible USB Micro-B, plus a USB Type C that enables it to deliver more power more quickly, allowing the USB Cable to meet most requirements. The Swarovski Swan logo printed on the connector confirms this item as premium quality.

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