Umbrella / 雨伞英文


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Umbrella / 雨伞英文介绍


这款小巧的雨伞顶盖采用快干聚酯制成,内侧有醒目的仿水晶图案,手柄和尖端则用一颗施华洛世奇元素精心点缀。 它的铝合金框架重量仅为208克,轻便可以滑入包或公文包中。 雨伞配有独特的天鹅品牌保护旅行袖子,并提供一个白色的盒子。


Material/材质:聚酯纤维,铝          Dimension/规格: 97 cm

Weight/重量: 208g                


Elegant yet practical, this compact umbrella is from Swarovski's excellent range of corporate gifts for both men and women. The canopy is made of fast-drying polyester and features an eye-catching crystal pattern print on the inside, while the handle and the tip are discreetly embellished with a single  Swarovski crystal. Weighing just 208g thanks to its aluminum frame, it’s light enough to be slipped into a bag or briefcase. The umbrella comes with a protective travel sleeve with the distinctive Swan branding, and is supplied in a white box. 


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